We believe deeply in people’s capacity and determination to ‘care for everything’.

At the Centre for Social Impact UWA (CSI UWA) we believe deeply in people’s capacity and determination to ‘care for everything’ and create the world they want to live in. The Social Impact Festival 2017 is ten days of unique, inspiring and highly participatory events in Perth, WA hosted by CSI UWA. It activates and supports many individuals, organisations and communities to address, design and create innovative solutions to complex social issues.

When: Tuesday 18th – Friday 28th July 2017
Where: The festival will be held at a range of locations at The University of Western Australia, in the Perth central business district and across regional and remote Western Australia.

“The purpose of humans is to care for everything…” – Dr Noel Nannup,  well-respected Noongar Elder, storyteller and cultural guide (Social Impact Festival 2016)

Objectives of the Festival

Feedback from 2016 Festival

2017 Festival Themes

Homes Land Place
The social impacts of housing The social impacts of land The social impacts of place
Homeelessness The future of agriculture Place-based change
Housing affordability Creating economic pathways for Indigenous communities Sustainable cities

Theory of Change
Check out the Social Impact Festival theory of change.